Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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International Popular Scientist Awards

International Popular Scientist


About the Award

The International Popular Scientist Awards are awards that are given to individuals or teams for their outstanding contributions to a specific field of research. These awards recognize excellence in original research, innovative thinking, and the quality and impact of published work. Typically, the awards are open to researchers from around the world and are presented at international conferences, symposiums, or academic events. The selection criteria for the awards may vary, but they typically consider factors such as the originality and significance of the research, the rigor of the methodology, and the quality and impact of the publication. Winning an International Popular Scientist Awards can be a significant achievement for a researcher or research team, as it recognizes their expertise and contributions to their field. It can also provide additional recognition and visibility for their work, which can help to further their careers and increase opportunities for collaboration and funding.

Event Organized by ScienceFather

Date and Location :  28-29 March 2024 | San Francisco, United States

Award Subject Tracks

Astronomy and Astrophysics | Biology and Life Sciences | Chemistry and Materials Science |Environmental Science |Medicine and Health Sciences | Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence | Mathematics | Social Sciences |Engineering and Technology  | Neuroscience | Communication and Outreach | Robotics and Automation | Energy and Sustainability | Genetics and Genomics | Nanotechnology |Quantum Science |Ecology and Conservation | Cognitive Science | Biotechnology | Data Science and Analytics | Humanities and Science Integration | Renewable Energy Technologies |Astrobiology | Molecular Biology | Artificial Neural Networks | Educational Innovation in Science |Advanced Materials Engineering |Mathematical Modeling in Ecology | Cybersecurity and Cryptography | Space Exploration Technologies |Human-Computer Interaction | Oceanography and Marine Biology | Renewable Energy Technologies |Agricultural Science and Innovation | Astrobiology | Molecular Biology |Artificial Neural Networks | Educational Innovation in Science | Advanced Materials Engineering |Social Impact of Scientific Discoveries | Mathematical Modeling in Ecology |Agricultural Science and InnovationCybersecurity and Cryptography Space Exploration Technologies | Human-Computer Interaction | Social Robotics | Chemical Ecology | Evolutionary Biology | Planetary Science | Cosmology and Physics|